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Happy Belated Halloween, everyone!! I'll make a real post later, but for now, have this~!

Day 8 - Most epic scene ever
Now, I can't say this is THE most epic scene ever--I know there are SO MANY badass scenes I'm not remembering right now and FEEL FREE TO POST LINKS, MY FRIENDS--but this scene. THIS SCENE. Heart-wrenching, awe-inspiring, and SO MUCH FUCKING COOLER THAN TWILIGHT CAN EVER HOPE TO BE, and I've not even technically seen it in context. I don't need to. YOU don't need to. WATCH, AND BEWILDER.

"BITCH, out of my sight! OUT OF MY MIND!"

Cutting a fuckin' train in half with just two swords is also pretty damn epic. Admittedly, it's also the build-up that makes this so awesome in the old sense of the word "awesome," and Zoro getting all metaphysical always just makes me bite my lip in anticipation of the badassness that's bound to follow.

I love you, Zoro. You and your diamond balls.

That said, the fact that the following Soul Eater scene is A GUILLOTINE VERSUS A CHAINSAW, it's pretty damn great.

I couldn't find it in English or Japanese ._.

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