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Day 11 - Favorite mecha series

RahXephon, I suppose, because it's the only one I've watched and wanted to KEEP watching. Mind you, I had to stop a few episodes in because the VCDs my friend Maneesah gave me cut the subtitles off at the bottom and I had no idea what was going on, so it's still a fairly fresh series to me and I don't know how much it borrowed from older mecha shows. However, the idea of using voice/sound as a weapon has always intrigued me, so seeing that put in action was really cool.

I also like Heat Guy J well enough, but again, I've only seen a few episodes (despite owning like half the series.) Does...does Heat Guy J count as a mecha? I don't THINK it does, since I don't recall giant robots in the three episodes I've seen, but the main character is a cyborg, why I put this here :D;

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