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Asian Studies class was cancelled because my hopelessly German teacher has had some sort of recurring throat issues--like, 6 weeks' worth. I feel for the guy (he sounds so bad his Indian wife apparently teases him about he must be either turning into a woman or a eunuch) but I'm glad for the free time. I managed to swindle my theater quiz onto Wednesday, which gives me time to read "The Cherry Orchard" by Chekov, but man, the online version I'm reading is such an awkward translation. I can barely follow what they're doing. Ah well, I can read it during freetime tomorrow in between sorting through my mom's stuff and transporting things to Jake's house for storage. I'm looking forward to having my dolls and mannequin torso again! ♥
So anyway.

Day 5 - Anime character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)
This is HARD. There are plenty of characters I relate to, or have aspects of my personality, but there isn't one who's just all me. So, I present you with an equation.



= me. lol i am a sexy bishojo, no? Jonathan suggested the name Haruri Victoria as a new OC of mine and yes I did draw her and no you can't see because I don't have a scanner, hoohoohoo~

Weird combo, I know. If someone wants an explanation, I'll give it to them, but right now I'll be late for class if I don't leave ASAP |3 Ohh, college, interrupting my internets since 2006.

P.S. I chose that pic of Haruhi because that's how I'm wearing my hair right now, whee~!

30 Day Anime Meme - I ain't doin' so bad so far! )
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Day 4 - Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed

...because straight porn is usually like Kryptonite to me. Meaning, I get all "eeewwww, no thanks." Damn this show for being hilarious.

30 Day Anime Meme )
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I'm not doing too bad on keeping up with this so far. I think the more irl I feel I have to write about, the more I'm likely to post this instead. The house is strangely empty and quiet and I miss my mom a lot already, and I feel like crying a little, but I can focus my thoughts instead on posting this. Thanks, fad memes!

Day 3 - Your first anime crush

Ruka Tsuchiya from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Yeah, honestly, I think it was the blue hair and asymmetrical haircut that got my attention first, since I had a real thing for those looks at the time. Once his backstory was covered, though, I latched on to him in a weird sort of way because I also have a thing for tragic characters. Being willing to ruin his reputation and give his life to teach the one he loves that miracles can happen did me in. I'm a sucker, what can I say? (It's funny because most of my anime crushes are so totally not even what I find attractive in real life. It's almost bizarre, really.)

30 Day Anime Meme--27 Days Left )

Movin' day

Oct. 21st, 2010 04:44 pm
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Spent most of the day in bed or helping my mom pack her stuff for her move tomorrow or half-heartedly working on theater assignments that have been due for days. I've only had two Reese's peanut butter cups and some orange juice today so I'm really hungry. I want to make katsudon for my mom since that YouTube channel "CookingWithDog" made it seem fairly simple, but I don't think we can find all the ingredients now. I'm really going to miss her, by the way.

Day 2 - Favorite anime you’ve watched so far
I don't have one of these :[ I like too many shows too much. I have plenty of favorite series and movies that I love to death, but I guess two that really stand out to me as having no downsides or anything I dislike at all would have to be Cowboy Bebop and Paranoia Agent.

Such style!

Such content!

They both have the best soundtracks of anything I've ever heard and the animation quality is always top-notch <3 Of course, Utena, Sailor Moon, and others are right at the top as well, but I guess I'd never get tired of thinking about these two (if that makes sense.) I also got into them on my own, so I guess they're more personal than ones I shared with groups.

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The 30 Day Anime Meme
Because fuck if I feel like typing out the BS that's goin' on with me lately, ey?

Day 1 - Very first anime


I shouldn't need to explain the wonder that is this show to anyone on my flist, and if I do, GET OUT, MAN, JUST GO, because if the following image doesn't rouse some kind of bizarre pride and emotion deep within you, then I don't know that I can connect with you on a spiritual level.

wait where was Pluto's part, she's there at the end--DOESN'T MATTER. STILL AWESOME.

...Unless you want me to be COMPLETELY honest. You do? You're a bastard.


30 Day Anime Meme thingamajiggerwhatev )
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Yeah, okay, I'll do this one. I'm a pretty big-time goody-two-shoes, you know, and proud of it.

Let's see, uhh...well, okay, I once saved a baby from being run over, does that count as "doing something nice"? xD; He was wandering around outside my condo, alone, in the road, and had at some point started playing with a dog that was tied up outside. I knew the dog was nice, so that didn't concern me as much as the kid toddling towards the street away from the dog with a van careening around the corner. So I took his hand and rushed him to safety, then stood there staring at him like "now what the hell do I do?" He wasn't old enough to speak coherent sentences, so when I asked where his parents were I got no response. So I walked him towards my house, ready to call the police, when this girl comes speed-walking down the street and sees me. She yelled something, I assume the kid's name, and just sort of snatched him from me while I was trying to explain that he was in the road and ask how the hell he got there. I didn't have time to really notice her face before she was gone. She didn't even thank me. I should have followed that bitch home and reported her ass but I was 15 and confused. The boy was over two blocks away from where she came running. If he had enough time to get that far on uncertain feet, obviously something was going on at home. :|

Umm, what else...I've given well-to-do homeless persons food and money before. You know, the types who don't ask for it, and actually take baths so they'll be presentable, either have or are looking for jobs and only mention that they're homeless as part of a bigger conversation. That's happened twice in the past year. One was a young guy who'd apparently been wrongly imprisoned and just got out (I know it sounds like BS but I could tell he was a decent person) was working but didn't have enough saved for a place to stay so he was at the shelter, and he didn't ask for anything. This was while I was working at the Italian ice stand, so I gave him a big scoop of it, some Vienna sausages and a banana. Another lady was looking for work and was dressed really well, so I gave her a cheese stick and a dollar (I didn't have much else.) Then there was that lady with Alzheimer's who showed up at my door at 2 in the morning...I explained that in another entry though.

As for nice things for me, man...I'm not sure I can even list everything. My friends are always doing things for me and I can't emphasize enough how much I love you all for it ;3; <3<3<3 But I guess that doesn't count for this...As for strangers, then, I've had a Starbucks employee give me a Venti frappucino on the house because I'd had such a shitty day and managed to miss the last afternoon bus home. A guy at one of my high schools drove me to school when I was running late walking there one day (and he blared that "Heaven" dance song that was popular for a while in the early 2000s the whole time, lol.) A girl on LJ sent me the entire song collection of Koji Nanjo (from Zetsuai) on CD and the fifth Gravitation manga before we really got to be friends (I still wonder what happened to her.) Once, this cool-looking black man with gold designs painted on his face and dreadlocks kept someone from stealing my bike when I'd parked it in front of Kmart. He said he told them it was his and that he was waiting for a friend to come out. Later, we ran into him on the sidewalk and he asked if we knew anyone who wanted any kittens xD In the Momocon wreck, a man in an 18-wheeler guided us to safety across the highway and called for help. That was awesome of him. Some dudes helped get the car out of a ditch when we got stuck in the mud....Ugh, I feel bad because I really ranted about how awesome I am up there and I know more people have helped me than I've helped XD; I just can't remember because I'm late for class, whooops--later, then!
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Livejournal. I am trying to upload a new userpic. I've done this many times before. It is exactly 100x100 pixels and far below the max file size limit. Why are you forcing me to crop it and then telling me you can't resize it down?! I DON'T UNDERSTAND. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO REMEDY THIS?!

This was me trying to make a tiny update but I got so frustrated with this that I can't do it now :|
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Title is only relevant in that it's part of the song I felt like hearing when I started typing.

Life update. Because I'm terrible at keeping up with journaling and all of you should know that by now. But do know that I miss all of youse, uhkay? ;^;

So, again. Things that have happened:

1) My cat Leonidas's urinary tract got blocked. We ran him to the only vet that was open at the time (Mother's Day which was on a Sunday), one that was inside a PetSmart. We didn't know what was wrong with him, we thought he might've been hit by a car or something because he was just laying around and not moving. But the vet immediately felt his stomach and said he needed to get treatment right away or else he'd only have about two days before the toxins from the blockage killed him. "If he can't be treated today, we might as well save him an excruciating death and put him down right now," in the nurse's words. Not having the required minimum $800 for the entire treatment, I broke down and desperately called my wealthy father at 5:30 on Mother's Day to beg for my cat's life. Surprise, surprise, folks--my dad's an asshole who only spends money on gifts to "pacify" me. I've survived some mistreatment from him in the past, but this simply takes the fucking cake. He told me no. He wouldn't give a credit card over the phone. He said if they could bill him, it'd be different. Implication? That he thought my sobs and pleas were merely a ploy to get his credit card number so I could spend his money. You know, it would be a totally different thing if I wasn't so sure he could easily afford it. But he can. And he wouldn't spare what is a drop in the bucket for him that I would have repaid in order to save Leonidas. I was so distraught that I couldn't even speak. My mom called my boss Joe and explained the situation, and my boss paid for it. My boss did what my dad wouldn't. What does that say? People can say what they will about Joe, but he can be surprisingly awesome sometimes. Regardless, I'm just incredibly happy that Leonidas is still with us. He isn't eating as much as he should and he lost 3.5 pounds, but he's more or less back to his old self. I love that darn cat. As a result, I am working nonstop to pay my boss back at $40 a week, meaning 19 weeks of payments. I now have a tight budget.

2) The second terrible thing to have happened. My house was broken in to while I was having a fun sleepover time at Jonathan's house with my friends. The house was left unmanned for only about two hours, but it was enough time for the vandals to--get this--pull out my back window without breaking it to get in, THEN break it for no apparent reason and throw the shards all over the backyard. What the hell, first of all. But the worst is yet to come, gentlemen. My mom informed me over the phone that my Playstation 3 was gone. MY PLAYSTATION THREE WAS GONE. The one I could only own thanks to my super-jerk dad throwing gifts at me. And not only that, but my Playstation Portable. The PSP my mom had to save up to buy me a few years ago that had all of my saved games on its memory card, including the save file of ONLY GAME I'VE EVER FINISHED. That's right, the ONLY. ONE. I now have no proof that I completed Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and my confidence as even a casual gamer is back to zero. I was very close to finishing Crush as well. I have to start all over. NOT TO MENTION my PS3 had save files technically belonging to Jonathan and Lacey, who were playing Metal Gear Solid 4. Jonathan had finished it and Lacey was almost halfway through. So even their progress is gone. Since I'm the only one who had a PS3, they can't go play it anywhere else. Those assholes didn't steal just from me, they stole from my friends, and that's what really kills me. They also took my mom's laptop that Emma fixed up (the only reason they didn't steal mine is because I just happened to take it with me to the sleepover.) It's a Linux OS, so if they try to sell it, it'll be pretty damn obvious to the buyer, and I doubt they're smart enough to wipe it or the PS3 for that matter. Finger- and footprints were everywhere and didn't take any wallets or anything (and if they did, it was my empty wallet that only had two valueless cards in it.) They took an entire, 1.5-foot jar of coins (how they carried it away, I'll never know), my PSP, my PS3, and the laptop, and that's it. They emptied out a bag of mine to use and left the non-currency residents of the coin jar on the stairs. How fucking considerate, huh? All of my games and Rockband equipment are still here, except Gunpey which was in my PSP. They also WENT INTO MY ROOM--which is one of my biggest fears, FYI--and pulled out my PSP case as if they wanted more, only to throw it back on the floor and leave the light on. Needless to say, there's been no word from the police on finding anything, even though they claimed to have a lead and a search warrant.

3) I've finally started watching Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei and Soul Eater. SZS is just about as awesome and random as I always figured it'd be, and Soul Eater is maybe a bit typical plot-wise, but the wacky/awesome characters make up for it (Death the Kid, Dr. Stein and Chrona are pretty much amazing.)

4) Jonathan being the super-fly dude that he is bought me a replacement PSP. I know, right? What the hell.

5) Thanks to new-PSP, I have started playing Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops on easy mode because I generally suck, and I'm slowly getting through it. I had to redo the same two stages twice thanks to the game not saving for whatever reason, but now I am like a ninja at the Hospital area. I have a dude named Wild Dog in my team who's only a teeny bit less badass than Snake himself, haha. He has maaaddd skills and I am very proud of myself having recruited him.

6) I have three jobs that would equal over 40 hours of work a week if I work all the days I'm supposed to work: Italian Ice vendor, bag salesperson, and my job with Joe at the Market. Thanks to all that all-day-long-in-the-heat working, I have been supremely fatigued for a few weeks. However, I enjoy the Italian Ice job to an unexpected degree, probably because I can bring stuff to do while it's slow. I end up blaring and dancing to the soundtrack of A Knight's Tale all day and forget that I'm supposed to eat, haha. I also got all white-knight the other day when a man recently released from 24 months of prison on false charges got a sample of the Italian Ice; he said he had no cash, but I said they were free anyway so he might as well. He only mentioned the prison thing when I asked how he was doing, saying things were getting better since he got a job, despite staying at a shelter. He didn't have his first paycheck yet so that's why he had no cash, and he offhandedly mentioned something about not being able to buy meals for a while. He didn't beg or anything, in fact said that he hated begging, and I think that's why I was inclined to run after him when he left to offer him some food. I gave him a can of Vienna sausages and a banana, and he smiled really big at the sausages, saying he "used to buy them all the time on base." I could tell he was a good man. My buddies said that maybe the guy was like the witch in Beauty & the Beast, except since I gave him something, he didn't turn me into a hideous monster, lol. They also said he might be like Jean Valjean from Les Miserables, and some day come back to the cart a millionaire and remember me. He did ask my name, hmm...

7) The other night, I was asleep in a chair downstairs when, at about 1:00 AM, a loud banging on the door scared me shitless out of REM sleep. First thought: "SOMEONE'S TRYING TO BREAK IN AGAIN WHY." Second: "THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE AND SOMEONE'S TRYING TO WARN US." Then I heard the phrase "I'm lost!" and I actually looked out my window and asked who it was--it was a little old woman who looked desperate. I opened the door a crack, readying myself for an onslaught of potential creepiness (I'm always scared that bad people will use a helpless person as a decoy to get into my house.) And no, it really was just an old lady. She said she went for a walk (at midnight?) and got lost. I asked where she lived and very tiredly went on the PC to Google Maps to find directions. I wrote them down on an index card, handed it to her and expected it to be over. Nope. She said "Oh, honey, I gave you my home address, I'm sorry. I'm here visiting my son." Oh boy. She suddenly thought she was in Virginia, despite having told me her address which was a 5 minute walk away. She wanted to come inside, she refused to believe when I said she was in South Carolina. Not knowing what else to do after looking in the phone book at her insistence for her son's number, I called 911. I found her address thanks to her telling me her son's last name and I told the operator that I thought she had Alzheimer's or something. I gave her some ice water and told her to sit on the porch with me waiting inside behind a locked door, just in case. When the policeman arrived to take her home, he asked if she needed EMS, to which she replied "No, honey, I'm not hurt, I'm just crazy." Obviously, she shouldn't be living alone. I hope that poor, weird old lady is okay now :[

Sorry for the long entry. The latter list is in chronological order. I think. So, yeah. Life...hasn't been entirely fair to me lately. I mean, being that I essentially rescued a little old confused lady and also gave my food to an innocent homeless man, karma sure is treating me like its bitch. >:C
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The ONLY damned video editing program I could find for Windows that supports HD .mov files very reliably CRASHES EVERY THREE MINUTES. I only WISH I was exaggerating. You guys, I've been trying to edit this stupid project since SATURDAY. There are less than ten minutes' worth of scenes I have to edit, I'm about at the five or six-minute mark. This is WITHOUT the soundtrack or dialog cards (it's silent) AND FUCK IF THE STUPID PROGRAM DIDN'T JUST LOSE TRACK OF EVERY FILE ALL OF A SUDDEN. I keep uninstalling things because it tells me "there may be no memory" (thanks to super-huge HD file sizes, I imagine) and I chose Quicktime as one program to uninstall since I never use it and VLC plays all the files it does. WELL WHOOP DEE DOO, BAD IDEA. I just reinstalled it and if God loves me that fixed the problem, but SHIT, this thing is due by FOUR and I have an exam before that!! No, I haven't studied for it, I've been too carried away with this film final and this class might actually count towards whatever major I end up with, and--ARRRGGHHH

someone please stop time for me? T_____T
I'm forced to listen to "Telephone" at least six times a day at work, so I've decided that from now on I will hear this version instead.

It gets best near the end.

If I end my life tomorrow due to the repetition of what I will hear as "bananaphone," someone please sue the radio station 95SX for me, thank you.
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Uugghh I am failing soo hard at keeping up with schoolwork...I feel like I've lost any inner motivation I had earlier in the year. All I want to do is fandom or cosplay-related and damnit I have to be careful about that, because that's what happened a while back and it wasn't good for my health. No sleep is never good. At least now I pass out on the couch and get lots of bad quality sleep. Back then I'd be up all night on the internet, then nab a few dream-filled z's in the hour before I had to get up and start getting ready. In this case quantity>quality, FYI, because I'd be so strung out with no rest that I didn't even realize it. I kinda miss that, but it was a hard thing to do to get back to "normal." I don't want to go through that again, y'know? Bleh.

Consequentially, I'm working in the morning, woo. I have two jobs now, one working Tuesday and Thursday at a little store for $8 an hour starting at 11 and the other at the Market like I've been doing. My boss lowered the commission rate so I get more money more often, but we also have to be there by nine AM now, which means I'll be getting there 45 minutes early and won't be leaving until 6:30 PM. If he doesn't raise my pay, I'll be working for the same rate as at the store but for a lot longer and a lot more work. My mom earned $50 in commission today, so that's pretty rad, but that's an exception. I'm kind of hung up on money right now, can you tell? Le sigh. I hate being poor.

Now excuse me, I'm off to make a pointed effort at actually falling asleep in bed right off as opposed to moving upstairs for an hour after having slept in a chair with no blanket all night. *salute*

uhbuh OAO

Mar. 24th, 2010 01:57 pm
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I want Naked Snake and Otacon's dad on Mountain Dew cans, guys ;A; Stupid Japan-only promotions. Why does Halo get its own Dew flavor and this promo likely won't even get a release over here? I cry.

...btw Jonathan and Emma? Thanks. Thanks a lot. Like I really needed a new series I want to spend a bunch of money on. >8|
*goes back to bidwar for Liquid Snake's boots*
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Well, my boss has finally fucking lost it.

I don't think I have a job anymore.
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Emma is a saint/my hero.

That is all~
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Your result for The Steampunk Style Test...

The Ragamuffin

39% Elegant, 34% Technological, 30% Historical, 44% Adventurous and 54% Playful!

You are the Ragamuffin, the embodiment of steampunk playfulness. Chances are, you approach the genre from a much more casual and lighthearted standpoint than most other fans. To you, there is always an element of play inherent in the genre, and you may very well enjoy fashion as much for the opportunity to dress up as for the style itself. You probably wear goggles as an accessory, and rarely as actual eye-protection. Your outfits are likely to incorporate a lot of brown or cream, and combine large boots, Victorian corsets or vests, aviator caps or bowler hats, and gypsy skirts or slacks, simply because you like them all.

Try our other Steampunk test here.

Take The Steampunk Style Test at HelloQuizzy

/doesn't really care and will one day cosplay Danika anyway
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You guys, I want stuff.
Like, expensive stuff, and pretty bad.

This happens every six to eight months or so: I'll buy (or try to buy) a ton of stuff in a short period of time and have a hard time making myself stop. It's never anything I don't want and often stuff I've wanted for a long time, so I wouldn't consider it a compulsion, but it sometimes is really frustrating when trying to balance necessities with wants. It's almost like a ton of things I want come along all at once on purpose. On-sale plaid skirts for instance. I mean, on the one hand, I know that if I waited, I wouldn't be able to get half the things I buy ever again if I don't get them right then (such as things from [ profile] vk_sales) so I shouldn't feel bad for snatching them up. But on the other hand, it depletes my funds for other, more expensive things like this fucking gorgeous Dollmore BJD I will never be able to own. (My dream doll is Evgeneia, who's been sold out since I discovered his existence, but Thinking Kara is in stock and BEAUTIFUL, damnit.) I don't usually like dolls with half-closed eyes, but they work really well on him! Usually the dolls I like from Dollmore are limited-edition and it suuuccckksss, but I can't help it. Haneol and Kyle are like the most beautiful face sculpts ever, aarrrrggh.

Oh, I got off on a tangent there. But, you know, [ profile] daily_doll isn't really helping my spending issues, orz. All I want to do is buy clothes for my one poseable doll, Audrina (cute 9-inch doll clothes are really hard to find fyi) and stare with absurd want at all the lovely bjds people post. It's gotten to the point where I'm just about willing to take out a low-limit credit card just to buy a damn doll. I worry myself. Especially since this isn't an issue only with dolls, which would be pretty easy to get over what with not owning one and them costing $600 or so, but it's mostly with clothes and manga (Your & My Secret and Otomen are super-addicting) so I see stuff I want ALL OVER THE PLACE. Since I've procured pretty much all I want from King St. and Barnes & Noble, I think it might start getting better. I hope. But I still have a pair of Double Decker boots and h.NAOTO legwarmers from [ profile] vk_sales to pay for, and less than $200 in my bank account.

--must not transfer savings account funds must not transfer savings account funds must not transfer savings account funds--

Geez. I shouldn't be so focused on material possessions and more focused on seriously studying for Japanese, because I am not retaining much of anything I learn and that's a problem. It's the ONLY class I can foresee using in the future, and yet I rarely go over anything. That needs to change. Any study-tips, flist? Keep in mind that I have a constant ringing in my ears now for some reason and thus require white noise.
And now I have the hiccups. JOY.

EDIT: It was a mistake to join the [ profile] steamfashion comm right now because it linked to this site and therefore THIS FANTASTIC PIECE OF CLOTHING THAT I WANT VERY VERY BADLY *SOB*
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Hmn, I don't know really how to answer this, but I thought I'd give it a shot. More than anything, I think I do compose myself differently than I present myself, if that...makes sense...For example, I don't type the way I talk, usually, and I'm more excitable online. I'll type things like "*runs around squealing in happiness*" when really I'm only smiling irl, but I think most people do that. As for "beliefs I share exclusively on LJ", they aren't so much "beliefs" as "tastes." For example, I rarely will go on about how attractive this person or that character is irl, but if you click through my previous entries, you can see that I've ranted about various people in that manner on here (usually Mello and Matt.) I don't know, I have a hard time saying "Mello is sexy" irl, but no problem at all on here. I also curse a good deal more irl, but I'm trying to cut back because I started to sound like a sleazy barmaid or something, lol. I think my tolerance for things that make me uncomfortable is up while online as well. Reading someone's undetailed entry about a sexual encounter doesn't bother me half as badly as if they'd told me to my face. I tend to be more opinionated online in general, since I can find and present evidence of my belief versus in real life where you have to know it off the top of your head AND be willing to argue about it. I also like reading stupid wank online (fashion is the best kind imo), but irl I am totally uncomfortable with arguments and disagreements in general. I WILL, however, debate ON AND ON about little things on YouTube or other comment-based sites if I am not careful e.e

Well, enough of that. Second question. To be honest, I try hard not to diffrentiate between "internet friends" and "offline friends," because that seems like such an antiquated idea, but even those of us most dedicated to the cause slip up. I might not post on here for months whereas I see offline friends once a week on average. It's not that I don't think highly of everyone, not at all! I just don't think the monotony of everyday life is worth transcribing, so I end up not coming on here when there's nothing to report. I check my flist pretty frequently, though, and usually don't miss a post (I guess that makes me an flist lurker?) That said, I feel like it's easier to talk about more specific interests online than irl. I can go on and on about dolls with Zeda on AIM and doujinshi or cosplay with whoever, but the fangirling never really arises in person unless it's really egged on. I also give advice better online, be it life or something simple like what piece of clothing to add to an outfit. I guess it's just easier to hold conversations when you can carefully consider what you're saying without having to verbalize a response within seconds of the other person saying something. That makes sense, though, so...maybe I'm not really all that different and writing this is just transcribing what most people are like |D;

Put your MP3 player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the twenty-first is the title.
stolen from [ profile] sykkea~

Witness the Hitchhiker's-Guide-era Vogon-calibur badness that is <u>This Wicked City Just Drags You Down</u> )

stolen from [ profile] kasumi_
A rather generic meme, but it was decent time-waster. Featuring outdated answers! )

Okay, those done...I have to take tomorrow off in order to study the entire day for my nutty History teacher's sure-to-be-grueling test on Friday. He's the type who barely tells you anything in class, gives no study guide, and won't even hint at what the essay(s) may be about, but expects you to do well regardless. Oof. 150+pages of textbook pages, here I come. It also turns out that I'm not going to move out right away--I didn't write about it on here yet because it didn't feel right, but my mom had more-or-less secured a house in which she and her friend Linda were going to move, meaning, I'd either need a roommate to move in with me (which is really what I'd've liked because I HATE MOVING SO MUCH UGH, but no one was available) or find another place. I don't know what this means exactly, Zeda and Emma, but my mom lost the house she wanted and so I'm still in my place for the time being. I still would like to discuss possible future plans with you guys, though! Oh boy...I'm going to be late to my film class. We're finally done with mise-en-scene films, which are fine IF I'm in the right mood, but I'm ready for something a little less ethereal and a little more plotty. Woo~
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Finally got through watching Metal Gear 2 (yes, watching, because I generally fail at video games) and now I'm so glad, because I finally understand what all the great crack is about XD For some reason, Otacon is like my favorite. I say "like my favorite" because I can't honestly point to someone I like more than the others, but I have some strange attachment to that nerdy scientist. I want icons of that hilarious comic you showed Jonathan btw, Emma. :T

I showed my mom how to play Little Big Planet earlier. It was fun! She grasped how to jump in three dimensions a lot faster than I did, eheh xD; She might actually play with me sometime. I hope so, it would be nice to have something to do together with her outside of watching movies.

Also, I feel sick. I don't think it's really a cold, but my nose is constantly stopped up or runny and I'm sneezing a lot more often than usual. My head feels stuffy too, and if I'm not careful about taking my decongestants and ibuprofen, I get pretty miserable. I don't know how I'm going to fare at school tomorrow, but I can't take a day off this early when I can't be sure I'll get an excused absence. Blah. Stupid. Wish me luck, please >^<

Late 2009 meme stolen from Zeda:

Copy the first sentence/paragraph of the first entry from every month this year.

Not really that interesting, but recorded for posterity. )

And an also pretty retro but still applicable DN meme, stolen from Kasumi:

The answers to this would have been very different last year at this time. )

I don't want to spend money on textbooks. I don't want textbooks. I don't like them much, because all too often teachers rely too much on them and use class time to rant about historical philosophy...*stares at old, ranty, Woody Allen-like history professor who would be fairly entertaining if not for all the assignments he's promising*
Oh, sigh. Onto Japanese homework.
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Hmn, I think I'll get some Italian Ice. I have to keep my mind away from Beatles Rockband, because damnit, I've been up till after 5 AM for two nights in a row playing that darn game. It's too awesome! I want to play Expert Drums someday T^T!

Anyone have any tips about how to prevent carpal tunnel? I think I've been developing it for a while now and my wrist has started to hurt more often as of late. I have to wear a wrist brace to bed or I might wake up without the ability to properly grasp things. I'm worried ._.
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01. What's the latest film you watched? Did you like it?
I saw most of a Lifetime movie my mom was watching called "Undercover Christmas"--eh, it wasn't anything special. But at the movies, I saw The Princess & the Frog! It was so great~<3

02. What did you last eat?
a small piece of milk chocolate

03. What kind of books do you read?
anything that catches my eye, really, but I'm not usually one for anything with lots of technicalities and background description (bleh

04. What are you reading right now?
Through the Looking Glass

05. If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?
Umm. Somewhere with snow would be nice, just because a white Christmasy time would be different, but I'm fine right here for now :3

06. Do you like sleeping?
Uh, yeah, like...a lot. Except I don't like actually falling asleep, just...staying asleep...

07. Name one odd item within five feet of you.
an empty aluminum Mountain Dew bottle with blue, black, white, and red designs all over it that closes with a pop-off bottlecap

08. What's your current fandom / obsession / addiction?
I don't know if I'm really involved in any particular fandom right now. I'm still into all the old ones, but just less enthusiastically so. I suppose, then, I'm a little bit addicted to looking at/trying to buy interesting clothes. Ah, also, watching One Piece and Metal Gear Solid (not playing, just watching. lol) Ah, also looking at various figures online. Not sure if this is something that will fade or if I'm gonna keep doing it, lol.

09. What's the most played song on your playlist?
Pff, I'm supposed to know that? I guess "ABRACADABRA" by Brown-Eyed Girls and "Je veux te voir" by YELLE are the songs I'm listening to most often.

10. What are you most excited for?

11. What websites do you always visit when you go online?

12. What was the last thing you bought?
For me? Erm, I got two buttons, one Flogging Molly and another Butthole Surfers, because I don't care what people think about a person who wears a button of a band called "Butthole Surfers," because they're awesome, and the first book of Princess Ai alongside the latest Z!NK magazine. As for gifts, I bought my friend Jason the "Field Guide to Monsters" and Kathryn "Wild Words from Wild Women" (a desktop calendar.)

13. What do you want right this minute, off the top of your head?
a Miley Cyrus dress from Walmart...go ahead, slap me; she has good taste, darnit XD;;

14. What's your biggest procrastination method?
distracting myself, which is easier than it should be

15. Are there any bits of childhood that you miss?
...a lot of bits...

16. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter?
They're the seasons? Eheh, I know, pick a favorite. I guess early Autumn, because it's still warm but not so muggy and not cold yet (here in Charleston, anyway) but overall, Summer, just because that's what I've always said.

17. Say something to the person who tagged you.
I didn't get tagged, I just stole this from Lum :P Um, I'm glad your account isn't gone forever--stop getting it deleted, damnit!! XD


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