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Finally got through watching Metal Gear 2 (yes, watching, because I generally fail at video games) and now I'm so glad, because I finally understand what all the great crack is about XD For some reason, Otacon is like my favorite. I say "like my favorite" because I can't honestly point to someone I like more than the others, but I have some strange attachment to that nerdy scientist. I want icons of that hilarious comic you showed Jonathan btw, Emma. :T

I showed my mom how to play Little Big Planet earlier. It was fun! She grasped how to jump in three dimensions a lot faster than I did, eheh xD; She might actually play with me sometime. I hope so, it would be nice to have something to do together with her outside of watching movies.

Also, I feel sick. I don't think it's really a cold, but my nose is constantly stopped up or runny and I'm sneezing a lot more often than usual. My head feels stuffy too, and if I'm not careful about taking my decongestants and ibuprofen, I get pretty miserable. I don't know how I'm going to fare at school tomorrow, but I can't take a day off this early when I can't be sure I'll get an excused absence. Blah. Stupid. Wish me luck, please >^<

Late 2009 meme stolen from Zeda:

Copy the first sentence/paragraph of the first entry from every month this year.

Not really that interesting, but recorded for posterity. )

And an also pretty retro but still applicable DN meme, stolen from Kasumi:

The answers to this would have been very different last year at this time. )

I don't want to spend money on textbooks. I don't want textbooks. I don't like them much, because all too often teachers rely too much on them and use class time to rant about historical philosophy...*stares at old, ranty, Woody Allen-like history professor who would be fairly entertaining if not for all the assignments he's promising*
Oh, sigh. Onto Japanese homework.
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2008 MEME - stolen from like everyone )

Vocaloid video of the day! Something cheery to kick off the thus-far dull new year~

Click the arrow in the corner and then click "CC" for English subtitles ;3

The one singing most of the lyrics is Meiko, the "adult female" voice for Vocaloid, here presented as a teen pop singer (there are many different fanmade AU versions of each Vocaloid character, including genderswap and age manips.) She's my favorite of the girls and has a really strong voice when used correctly. The grey-haired girl and the blonde with one pigtail are fan-made representations of different types of users, and the pink-haired girl is a freeware knockoff of Vocaloid called UTAU. If you have any questions pleeassseee ask me, I'm desperate for people to fan over this with me :C


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