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I have less time to type this than I thought I did. Somehow today seems relaxing, even though my mind's kinda elsewhere. It's the best kind of weather outside (76 degrees, sunny, no humidity to speak of, no wind) and I felt the need to lay in the grass in the park downtown for ten minutes. I would've stayed longer if I wasn't worried about missing class--I ended up being late anyway thanks to an urge for Sprite, but hey, class was cancelled, just like the class before that, so I'm only going to two classes today and damn, that's nice. I wish I could always only go to two classes, but life (a.k.a. CofC) isn't fair.

So. In lieu of more anime meme spam of which I am sure you are all tired (I'll continue with it anyway, because I'm an individual) I thought I'd give you all a little Life Update.

Remember when I said my mom was moving? Well, she did, and very far away, but it turned out that her roommate (a friend of hers since they were both in high school) had turned into this crazy woman who got literally raging drunk almost every night. She ended up insulting my mom, me, and my mom's dog Dori one night, and my mom slapped her four times to make her shut up. It was stupid shit, too, like "Why is your daughter still dressing up for Halloween? Isn't she TWENTY-TWO?!" like that's unheard of, and calling my mom lazy when she did more in a day than Cheryl did, and all that BS. So Mom was only up there for five days before throwing in the towel. She visited her other friend Cheryl in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where she thinks she might like to stay instead. Chattanooga is really beautiful and has lots of stuff to do, so if she ends up moving there, it's a helluva lot closer and we'd actually be able to go out and have fun. But, if she doesn't, she'd be only about 15 minutes away from me in a low-income housing complex that's being built, and that'd be nice too. I just want her to be happy wherever she goes, she's been wanting to get out of Charleston for something like six years.

So then, if my mom is not here (she' is visiting until tomorrow though), then who is?? ♥[ profile] zelda ♥!! It's been a little rough around the edges since I haven't lived with anyone but my mom (and technically Margaret, if you count a month-long trip as "living with" someone) and I'm not entirely sure how to be a good roommate who respects privacy and independence and all that jazz just yet, but I think I'm figuring it out bit by bit. I think ;A; It'll help once we get to actually start decorating the place the way we want, though--my mom has a LOT of stuff that's just sort of sitting around right now ^^; We plan on having a doll display area where a dining room's supposed to be =w=

I'm quite behind in school. Again. I'd managed to catch up only to swiftly fall behind once again almost immediately. I didn't have my textbooks for the first three and a half weeks, so I had like 300 pages to cover just from that time, not including actual work. I'm wondering if I should even bother continuing with the Intercultural Communications class at this point, I've managed to have only like three grades in there and I should have like, thirty. Psht. That class is literally almost entirely about racism and that's fine, but I don't think I've seen the Communications bit just yet. Also I have three group projects. THREE. Kill me now.

I'm on pain meds for my right hand. Lacey warns me that they might be downers and I might get addicted to them, so stay tuned for that possible twist!

Also I have officially lost all dignity and went as Bad Romance version Lady Gaga for Halloween.

Not the greatest picture, but this is me with my friend Kathryn at work. I want to point out that I do not have a jutting stomach here, that is my other arm, thank you. I didn't wear those heels all day, but I was in that costume from daybreak to sundown and that wig was ITCHY AS HELL. I'd worn the costume to a Market Street Saloon party the night before and the crown got all bent but I think it looks pretty darn good for having pulled it together two days beforehand XD;

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I'm not doing too bad on keeping up with this so far. I think the more irl I feel I have to write about, the more I'm likely to post this instead. The house is strangely empty and quiet and I miss my mom a lot already, and I feel like crying a little, but I can focus my thoughts instead on posting this. Thanks, fad memes!

Day 3 - Your first anime crush

Ruka Tsuchiya from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Yeah, honestly, I think it was the blue hair and asymmetrical haircut that got my attention first, since I had a real thing for those looks at the time. Once his backstory was covered, though, I latched on to him in a weird sort of way because I also have a thing for tragic characters. Being willing to ruin his reputation and give his life to teach the one he loves that miracles can happen did me in. I'm a sucker, what can I say? (It's funny because most of my anime crushes are so totally not even what I find attractive in real life. It's almost bizarre, really.)

30 Day Anime Meme--27 Days Left )
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Finally got through watching Metal Gear 2 (yes, watching, because I generally fail at video games) and now I'm so glad, because I finally understand what all the great crack is about XD For some reason, Otacon is like my favorite. I say "like my favorite" because I can't honestly point to someone I like more than the others, but I have some strange attachment to that nerdy scientist. I want icons of that hilarious comic you showed Jonathan btw, Emma. :T

I showed my mom how to play Little Big Planet earlier. It was fun! She grasped how to jump in three dimensions a lot faster than I did, eheh xD; She might actually play with me sometime. I hope so, it would be nice to have something to do together with her outside of watching movies.

Also, I feel sick. I don't think it's really a cold, but my nose is constantly stopped up or runny and I'm sneezing a lot more often than usual. My head feels stuffy too, and if I'm not careful about taking my decongestants and ibuprofen, I get pretty miserable. I don't know how I'm going to fare at school tomorrow, but I can't take a day off this early when I can't be sure I'll get an excused absence. Blah. Stupid. Wish me luck, please >^<

Late 2009 meme stolen from Zeda:

Copy the first sentence/paragraph of the first entry from every month this year.

Not really that interesting, but recorded for posterity. )

And an also pretty retro but still applicable DN meme, stolen from Kasumi:

The answers to this would have been very different last year at this time. )

I don't want to spend money on textbooks. I don't want textbooks. I don't like them much, because all too often teachers rely too much on them and use class time to rant about historical philosophy...*stares at old, ranty, Woody Allen-like history professor who would be fairly entertaining if not for all the assignments he's promising*
Oh, sigh. Onto Japanese homework.


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