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hey guys i'm pretty sure i'm still sick after thinking i was better then being worse then better then worse then better again. i don't know what it is but it kicked in REAL fast late on wednesday. was it wednesday? i'm pretty sure it was. anyway, it's continued.

haha i typo'd "i'm suck" up there, that's funny. but i fixed it.

no caps for you.

*blows nose everywhere*

*tries to write ten-page paper due by ten in the morning*

hey if anyone wants to get me something for christmas and has no ideas despite me being incredibly easy to please, here are some [extremely affordable] ideas. i am probably a size large.
tim gunn t-shirt
SEX, DRUGS AND TIM GUNN <~note that this is the only thing in caps in this entry that means it's important
i won't have time to read it but btw if you didn't notice i love tim gunn
this is sold out but if you somehow find it ilu
also you have to tell me if you get me anything because i must get you something too. okay. back to work. *sobs onto keyboard*
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Last night, Lacey's buddy Nathaniel came to town and wanted to party, so we went with him to Club Pantheon (our resident "nice" gay club, which is nice and big and not seedy at all.) Lacey and I got there first, and it was pretty barren, so we sat around talking about...something, I don't remember, lol. So after he got there, we eventually wound up on the dance floor and everyone got pwned by the awesome, superhappy stripper-dude who lipsynced to all the songs the DJ played. (I told Lacey, "all I want in a guy is to have a body like him, hair like a bishonen, and moves like that." Haha, I don't know, but it made her laugh.)

But then, for some reason, as I was doing my version of dancing (=moving around in various ways, sort of to the beat, but really looks mostly like rave-dancing and too much upper body with not enough lower body movement) I kept getting a sort of vertigo feeling, and bile rose in my throat more than once. What the hell? I took the smallest sip of Lacey and Nathaniel's drinks, so I didn't even have any alcohol in my system or anything, so I'm not sure what happened. I took off my tall boots because I thought they had something to do with it, and for a while I was back to normal, then the bile thing happened again. Ugh! Not fun. So I got more water and tried to relax. Nathaniel--when he finally stopped dancing, boy'd been at it for like a hour nonstop--said I was probably overheating, so I went outside to cool off. It worked a bit. Then I noticed my hand was shaking. Low blood sugar alert! Luckily, there was a very convenient hot dog stand set up right across from the club. What a great idea, huh?? A club that serves no food=lots of hungry people when it closes=lots of people wanting cheap hot dogs and burgers! Brilliant! It was these two youngish brothers running it, one cooking, one taking care of the money/fixin's/drinks. And I tell you WHAT, that was the absolute most delectable burger I've had in YEARS. It was huge, too--not thick, but almost pancake-like--and only had cheese and tomato on it, but it was so juicy and good that I inhaled it. Lacey said she'd never seen me eat anything so fast, lol. And only three bucks! Man, I'd go there all the time. We think they used canola oil as they cooked it, which kept it really juicy. I highly recommend stopping by if you're in downtown Charleston late at night on the weekend and want a cheap bite. I wore myself out dancing to Destination Calabria so I ended up staying in bed until three PM after getting home at 2:30 AM. Yeesh >_o I didn't realize how tired I was. But it was nice getting to hang out with Nathaniel. He's a really great guy. ♥

But today had significantly less awesome packed in it, and I'm not all that thrilled with what all decided to happen today. My boss and my friend are both going through a really hard time after the loss of parents and I feel totally useless to help console them in any way. I hate it when bad things happen to good people. I hate it when it's something that no one can do anything about. And I hate that I can't just like go be with them and support them, because tomorrow's my last day of class before exams and there's a sudden Japanese presentation I totally forgot about that I have to write and put together before one o'clock tomorrow afternoon. The subject? "What I do in my free time." What the hell do I tell them about?! "Oh, I go online and waste my time on the internet." I have too many things I do, and those I do too inconsistently to really call them "hobbies" (which is what this section of class was on.) I'm considering falling back on "cosplay," even though I don't think that's so much a hobby of mine since I only have the one I've worn more than once. Unless you consider being Freddie Mercury and Charlie Chaplin for Halloween "cosplaying."

Shit. This day is not a good one, folks. And I don't want to be a part of it any more.


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