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Does anyone with a BRAIN support this bill?! I mean, really? What good does it do us? Not to mention, I'm sure thousands of hackers will rage against the machine and wind up making it a moot point. Government, y u so stupid?
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"Innuendo" or "I Want to Break Free" or to be cliche "Bohemian Rhapsody" or--
Aw hell, I love all of them. Except "Body Language." Never cared for that one.


There is/was a worldwide event called "Freddie For A Day" today when you dress as Freddie or wear a mustache like his in order to raise AIDS awareness and stir up publicity for his charity and I MISSED IIIIT.

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Yeah, okay, I'll do this one. I'm a pretty big-time goody-two-shoes, you know, and proud of it.

Let's see, uhh...well, okay, I once saved a baby from being run over, does that count as "doing something nice"? xD; He was wandering around outside my condo, alone, in the road, and had at some point started playing with a dog that was tied up outside. I knew the dog was nice, so that didn't concern me as much as the kid toddling towards the street away from the dog with a van careening around the corner. So I took his hand and rushed him to safety, then stood there staring at him like "now what the hell do I do?" He wasn't old enough to speak coherent sentences, so when I asked where his parents were I got no response. So I walked him towards my house, ready to call the police, when this girl comes speed-walking down the street and sees me. She yelled something, I assume the kid's name, and just sort of snatched him from me while I was trying to explain that he was in the road and ask how the hell he got there. I didn't have time to really notice her face before she was gone. She didn't even thank me. I should have followed that bitch home and reported her ass but I was 15 and confused. The boy was over two blocks away from where she came running. If he had enough time to get that far on uncertain feet, obviously something was going on at home. :|

Umm, what else...I've given well-to-do homeless persons food and money before. You know, the types who don't ask for it, and actually take baths so they'll be presentable, either have or are looking for jobs and only mention that they're homeless as part of a bigger conversation. That's happened twice in the past year. One was a young guy who'd apparently been wrongly imprisoned and just got out (I know it sounds like BS but I could tell he was a decent person) was working but didn't have enough saved for a place to stay so he was at the shelter, and he didn't ask for anything. This was while I was working at the Italian ice stand, so I gave him a big scoop of it, some Vienna sausages and a banana. Another lady was looking for work and was dressed really well, so I gave her a cheese stick and a dollar (I didn't have much else.) Then there was that lady with Alzheimer's who showed up at my door at 2 in the morning...I explained that in another entry though.

As for nice things for me, man...I'm not sure I can even list everything. My friends are always doing things for me and I can't emphasize enough how much I love you all for it ;3; <3<3<3 But I guess that doesn't count for this...As for strangers, then, I've had a Starbucks employee give me a Venti frappucino on the house because I'd had such a shitty day and managed to miss the last afternoon bus home. A guy at one of my high schools drove me to school when I was running late walking there one day (and he blared that "Heaven" dance song that was popular for a while in the early 2000s the whole time, lol.) A girl on LJ sent me the entire song collection of Koji Nanjo (from Zetsuai) on CD and the fifth Gravitation manga before we really got to be friends (I still wonder what happened to her.) Once, this cool-looking black man with gold designs painted on his face and dreadlocks kept someone from stealing my bike when I'd parked it in front of Kmart. He said he told them it was his and that he was waiting for a friend to come out. Later, we ran into him on the sidewalk and he asked if we knew anyone who wanted any kittens xD In the Momocon wreck, a man in an 18-wheeler guided us to safety across the highway and called for help. That was awesome of him. Some dudes helped get the car out of a ditch when we got stuck in the mud....Ugh, I feel bad because I really ranted about how awesome I am up there and I know more people have helped me than I've helped XD; I just can't remember because I'm late for class, whooops--later, then!
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Hmn, I don't know really how to answer this, but I thought I'd give it a shot. More than anything, I think I do compose myself differently than I present myself, if that...makes sense...For example, I don't type the way I talk, usually, and I'm more excitable online. I'll type things like "*runs around squealing in happiness*" when really I'm only smiling irl, but I think most people do that. As for "beliefs I share exclusively on LJ", they aren't so much "beliefs" as "tastes." For example, I rarely will go on about how attractive this person or that character is irl, but if you click through my previous entries, you can see that I've ranted about various people in that manner on here (usually Mello and Matt.) I don't know, I have a hard time saying "Mello is sexy" irl, but no problem at all on here. I also curse a good deal more irl, but I'm trying to cut back because I started to sound like a sleazy barmaid or something, lol. I think my tolerance for things that make me uncomfortable is up while online as well. Reading someone's undetailed entry about a sexual encounter doesn't bother me half as badly as if they'd told me to my face. I tend to be more opinionated online in general, since I can find and present evidence of my belief versus in real life where you have to know it off the top of your head AND be willing to argue about it. I also like reading stupid wank online (fashion is the best kind imo), but irl I am totally uncomfortable with arguments and disagreements in general. I WILL, however, debate ON AND ON about little things on YouTube or other comment-based sites if I am not careful e.e

Well, enough of that. Second question. To be honest, I try hard not to diffrentiate between "internet friends" and "offline friends," because that seems like such an antiquated idea, but even those of us most dedicated to the cause slip up. I might not post on here for months whereas I see offline friends once a week on average. It's not that I don't think highly of everyone, not at all! I just don't think the monotony of everyday life is worth transcribing, so I end up not coming on here when there's nothing to report. I check my flist pretty frequently, though, and usually don't miss a post (I guess that makes me an flist lurker?) That said, I feel like it's easier to talk about more specific interests online than irl. I can go on and on about dolls with Zeda on AIM and doujinshi or cosplay with whoever, but the fangirling never really arises in person unless it's really egged on. I also give advice better online, be it life or something simple like what piece of clothing to add to an outfit. I guess it's just easier to hold conversations when you can carefully consider what you're saying without having to verbalize a response within seconds of the other person saying something. That makes sense, though, so...maybe I'm not really all that different and writing this is just transcribing what most people are like |D;

Put your MP3 player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the twenty-first is the title.
stolen from [ profile] sykkea~

Witness the Hitchhiker's-Guide-era Vogon-calibur badness that is <u>This Wicked City Just Drags You Down</u> )

stolen from [ profile] kasumi_
A rather generic meme, but it was decent time-waster. Featuring outdated answers! )

Okay, those done...I have to take tomorrow off in order to study the entire day for my nutty History teacher's sure-to-be-grueling test on Friday. He's the type who barely tells you anything in class, gives no study guide, and won't even hint at what the essay(s) may be about, but expects you to do well regardless. Oof. 150+pages of textbook pages, here I come. It also turns out that I'm not going to move out right away--I didn't write about it on here yet because it didn't feel right, but my mom had more-or-less secured a house in which she and her friend Linda were going to move, meaning, I'd either need a roommate to move in with me (which is really what I'd've liked because I HATE MOVING SO MUCH UGH, but no one was available) or find another place. I don't know what this means exactly, Zeda and Emma, but my mom lost the house she wanted and so I'm still in my place for the time being. I still would like to discuss possible future plans with you guys, though! Oh boy...I'm going to be late to my film class. We're finally done with mise-en-scene films, which are fine IF I'm in the right mood, but I'm ready for something a little less ethereal and a little more plotty. Woo~


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