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RP CHARACTER MEME!!! I'M DOING THIS WRONG AND UNPROMPTED BECAUSE I'M...I' like that. *sob* I'm answering as them for some parts, hooray |D

01. Full name
02. Best friend
03. Sexuality
04. Favorite color
05. Relationship status
06. Ideal mate
07. Turn-ons
08. Last sexual experience
09. Favorite food
10. Crushes
11. Favorite music
12. Biggest fear
13. Biggest fantasy
14. Quirks in bed
15. Bad habits
16. Biggest regret
17. Best kept secrets
18. Last thought
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience
20. Biggest insecurity

Canon: Unknown Armies
Age: 29 (mentally/physically 16)
Gender: all
Notes: raised as a Baby X, an avatar of the Mystic Hermaphrodite--can change sex once a day, mix and match physical feminine/masculine characteristics, steal charges from magic users, and cause random things to happen by willing it so (think Improbability Drive)

01. Full name: Friday Spiridinov
02. Best friend: Grandpop!!!
03. Sexuality: Micah
04. Favorite color: white and red
05. Relationship status: "MARRIED TO MICAAAHHHH~~~♥"
06. Ideal mate: Micah
07. Turn-ons: neck-touching, grinding, Micah saying "I love you"
08. Last sexual experience: a blowjob from Micah
09. Favorite food: "Anything NOT fish, after that one time I didn't cook it and ate it, vomit eeeeeverywhere."
10. Crushes: Micah
11. Favorite music: the Red Army Choir, Lady Gaga, The Beach Boys
12. Biggest fear: someone taking Micah away, growing old, the Freak
13. Biggest fantasy: staying young forever, disposing of Venus the car (this stopped near the finale)
14. Quirks in bed: tends to be rough without realizing, changes physical sex
15. Bad habits: jealousy, acting without thinking when Micah is involved
16. Biggest regret: not telling Micah "I love you" before their three-year separation
17. Best-kept secrets: original physical sex (only Friday's parents know), gave a former teammate's location to a demon for abandoning them, got said teammate's eye in a jar in return
18. Last thought: "Mom and Pop..."
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience: "Micah grabbed me and kissed me for the first time in a stinky punk club when he was high and FORGOT ABOUT IT, can you believe it?! I was sooo mad that I choked him for a while until he said sorry!"
20. Biggest insecurity: being too old for Micah

Canon: Shadowrun
Age: 23ish? (Never picked an age)
Sex: male
Notes: bunny-human hybrid with unexplained ability to change reality if he paints something with extreme emotion (this never came up in-game for some reason)

01. Full name: Alec Azam
02. Best friend: his wardrobe
03. Sexuality: gay
04. Favorite color: burgundy
05. Relationship status: "Taken in heart but not in body~*wink*"
06. Ideal mate: Davian, if he weren't so straight-laced
07. Turn-ons: toned but boyish younger men
08. Last sexual experience: man he met in a bar, I think?
09. Favorite food: carrots
10. Crushes: none really, but loves teasing Tommy
11. Favorite music: dance, rock, alternative, pop rock
12. Biggest fear: accidentally hurting someone
13. Biggest fantasy: Davian coming out of his coma and being forgiven
14. Quirks in bed: he's a switcher and likes his ears being petted and whiskers tugged gently
15. Bad habits: making quips at inappropriate times
16. Biggest regret: painting the picture of Davian being crucified that put him into a coma
17. Best-kept secrets: he's not actually hairless, but shaves and trims every day to keep his fur tamed
18. Last thought: "Oh dear."
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience: being accepted, then rejected by Davian
20. Biggest insecurity: his past

Canon: custom Shadowrun
Age: 17ish
Sex: male
Notes: he has severe vitiligo, has been armless since he was six, has two relatively nice prosthetic arms with custom additions for fixing things

01. Full name: Ixhcel Soccoro Colby
02. Best friend: the mechanics
03. Sexuality: straight
04. Favorite color: light purple and white together
05. Relationship status: single
06. Ideal mate: "A nice thick lady, you know, like the type that jiggles all over when she walks? A brick house, I guess you could say."
07. Turn-ons: women who jiggle
08. Last sexual experience: a prostitute danced for him, does that count?
09. Favorite food: cookies and sweets in general
10. Crushes: sorta likes London's friend Selene, but is equally nervous about her promise to "see him in the infirmary soon"
11. Favorite music: cybergrind, techno, metal and dubstepp
12. Biggest fear: suddenly having fleshy arms again, people with amputee fetishes
13. Biggest fantasy: being a hero in space, marrying a beautiful woman
14. Quirks in bed: he would rarely wear his arms and would probably bottom, but otherwise vanilla
15. Bad habits: taking his arms off at inconvenient times
16. Biggest regret: going along with Bosch's plan and getting tazed
17. Best-kept secrets: [not revealed in canon yet]
18. Last thought: "Oh no, not again."
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience: the prostitute reporting him to the Peacekeepers
20. Biggest insecurity: that anyone who likes him has a dismembering fetish

P.S. This is pretty much Ixhcel, lol.

Canon: Big Eyes, Small Mouth (a custom steampunk Oz)
Age: 36
Sex: a Lady, of course!
Notes: a bearded opera singer from a well-to-do family, joined a circus, skilled with heavy weapons, deaf in one ear with a steam-operated hearing aid

01. Full name: Lady Danika Gethsemane Peladin
02. Best friend: her ex-ringmaster, Professor Fantastico a.k.a. Fanny
03. Sexuality: uninterested
04. Favorite color: gold
05. Relationship status: alone but not lonesome
06. Ideal mate: "Someone with whom I may sing a duet or harmonies, whose voice compliments my own."
07. Turn-ons: money
08. Last sexual experience: n/a
09. Favorite food: mangoes
10. Crushes: anyone with fabulous facial hair or clothing
11. Favorite music: classical and opera
12. Biggest fear: Fanny liking the Cabaret Sisters better, being seen as rude
13. Biggest fantasy: publicly defeating the Cabaret Sisters, swimming in money
14. Quirks in bed: wears large, heavy bloomers
15. Bad habits: using her megaphone in fights without warning anyone
16. Biggest regret: doesn't believe in regrets
17. Best kept secrets: was the mangoes before she blabbed it while drunk (see below)
18. Last thought: "How delightful!"
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience: "A man once proposed to me after seeing me perform, saying he would care for me the rest of his days. He was not even a Duke! How could he possibly provide me with the many mangoes required to keep my beard soft and silky? Let alone maintain my wardrobe! I have many skirts, you know!"
20. Biggest insecurity: someone seeing her underwear

Canon: Dungeons & Dragons
Age: 17 or 18, he isn't sure
Sex: male
Notes: a one-eyed Chaotic Good half-orc monk/ranger who follows the god Kord, raised by monks

01. Full name: Bartholomew Shngyt (or something like that, Orc names are weird.)
02. Best friend: his Howler Sid and probably Goshe, though he wouldn't openly admit it
03. Sexuality: would probably be straight if he weren't celibate
04. Favorite color: grey
05. Relationship status: celibate
06. Ideal mate: someone who could keep up with him both in hunting and fighting
07. Turn-ons: fancy and dapper things
08. Last sexual experience: none
09. Favorite food: meat
10. Crushes: a half-orc maid caught his eye once, but she wasn't at his mental level
11. Favorite music: monks chanting unaccompanied
12. Biggest fear: a giant bird taking his other eye
13. Biggest fantasy: conquering anything that challenges him
14. Quirks in bed: tends to sleep in trees
15. Bad habits: goes off on his own, collecting precious stones to use as false eyes, scalping
16. Biggest regret: not knowing his mother growing up (he had many father figures; one was his real father, unknown to Bartholomew)
17. Best kept secrets: why he became an adventurer
18. Last thought: "I'm so dapper!"
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience: hasn't really had any
20. Biggest insecurity: that he can't keep Goshe's evil acts in line as she becomes more powerful

Canon: Sailor Moon RPG, custom AU
Age: 13-14
Notes: an old-school Goth, British, orphan fending on her own, Sailor Whirlwind

01. Full name: Delilah Finglonger, changed to Delilah Toulin during finale
02. Best friend: her undead mouse/bat Deaddles, her PSP, Trudy
03. Sexuality: asexual
04. Favorite color: black, grey, purple
05. Relationship status: forever alone
06. Ideal mate: Edward Scissorhands
07. Turn-ons: darkness
08. Last sexual experience: none
09. Favorite food: Trudy's Comfort Oreos
10. Crushes: Edward Scissorhands, Edgar Allen Poe, Marylin Manson
11. Favorite music: goth rock
12. Biggest fear: never realizing her own potential
13. Biggest fantasy: both of her parents still being alive
14. Quirks in bed: hates sleeping
15. Bad habits: trying to control the situation
16. Biggest regret: riding in the car with Stellanoff
17. Best kept secrets: her original last name
18. Last thought: "Mummy's outdone herself!"
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience: when her adoptive mother Zandra thought she'd want to marry Brad Pitt
20. Biggest insecurity: her own social awkwardness

Hahaha. That was fun. *phew* If anyone reads it, tell me who your favorite is based on this :D
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