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Birthdate:Jun 18
Location:United States of America

I'm a person, and I do things sometimes.

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Interests (152):

3 am, 30 rock, adventure time, androgyny, anime, antique books, art, artsy-fartsy things, bazookas, beanbags, being alive, bishonen, bjd, blarghying, blood, bloody little girls, blue, blue hair, british humour, burping, cadbury eggs, candy necklaces, capslock, chimneysweeps, clouds, code red, cosplay, cowboy bebop, creepyfish, criminal psychology, cupcakes, cyberpunk, dancing, dandelions, danny elfman, death note, decora, dessert, discovery channel documentaries, dogs, dolls, douglas adams, doujinshi, drawing, ebay, escapism, extra dark chocolate, fashion, fighting games, flogging molly, flying, food, four-wheeling, franken fran, freaks, frolicking, garbage, gay guys, ghosts, gren-chan, guys in drag, gypsies, hackers, halloween, higglety pigglety, hippies, horror, independent films, insanity, internets, irish music, jack sparrow, japan, japanese, japanese food, japanese street fashion, jhonen vasquez, johnny depp, kaito, kimonos, kuroshitsuji, l, manga, mardi gras beads, margaret's mother's food, matt, mello, metal gear, monty python, mountain dew, movies, music, my huge xxxxl t-shirt, my pets, my quote books, nacho cheesier doritos, new york, nightwalker, odd hats, one piece, order of the stick, otomen, pastries, pawn shop cd collections, pinstripe suits, pirates, plushies, poppy z. brite, project runway, psp, queen, rain, rainbows, reading, rocks, ruka-chan, sailor moon, shirking responsibility, shonen-ai, shota, singing, sitars, soul eater, spooky blind fish, sports cars, static electricity, staying up all night, steampunk, stuff like burning, stuffed animals, sunsets, teal deer, tenchi muyo, the beatles, the last unicorn, the little prince, the mafia, theatrical serial killers, tim burton, tokidoki, top hats, trinkets, tv, utena, vast, video games, vocaloid, wigs, writing, yaoi, younger boys, zetsuai

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