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Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and mainly My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, C-C-C-COMBO BREAK! Yeah, um. It''s pretty much that. Haha. Hahaha. I can't help that the MLP fandom makes like, the best crack and fanart I've seen in years and that I've always loved My Little Pony. It doesn't help that my roommate loves it too, rofl, we just end up reveling in pony brotherhood instead of being productive XD;;

BUT. Other than me being a huge, nerdy, otaku-brony, there are some other things I should probably post about too, I guess.

For one, I quit my job at Sushi Hiro, for many reasons, the least of which was not that the head waiter was generally kind of a dick to me for no real reason. They really needed a waitress with lots of experience, which was not me, but they didn't really interview me since Hide-san hired me on the basis of just knowing me, so that actually caused some problems instead of being the blessing I thought it was. The work itself wasn't bad, but the expectations were so high that I could never quite live up to them due to my inexperience. I thought I was getting the hang of it pretty well, but according to everyone there, the learning curve was a mere two weeks, which was about three days of work for me. They were also only scheduling me 4.5 hours a week, which was both thanks to me not doing as well as they wanted and not really needing a waitress but hiring me anyway. I felt bad, since I was inconveniencing them and the other employees who needed those hours, so I lied and told my bosses that my other job offered me full-time. It was really smooth, so I think they were kinda hoping I'd quit xD;

In its place, I'm trying to get a job at the Charleston County Library as a page, which is what Emma does. You can go in anytime during the workweek, as long as the hours equal 15 each week, and that'd be a huge asset to me both monetarily and professionally. Nothing like having working at a government institution on your resume when you're a Communications major, yeah? Well, I think so, anyway.

Two weeks ago I got the drunkest I've ever gotten, which isn't really saying much, because I've really only ever been just pretty tipsy. I learned, however, not to mix liquors. No one ever told me that, and I went and had a Long Island iced tea, White Russian, and a shot of blueberry vodka/half-and-half/Kahlua. Needless to say, I became ill and easily threw up everything I'd eaten/drank. I felt a hell of a lot better afterward. But man. Not pleasant. But now I know. And you know what they say about knowing and it being half the battle.

I'M ALSO DRAWING AND COLORING AGAIN. THAT'S PROBABLY NOT THAT BIG A DEAL TO YOU GUYS BECAUSE YOU PROBABLY HAD NO IDEA THAT I WAS GOING THROUGH THE WORST DRY SPELL EVER (sevenish years), BUT TRUST ME IT'S KINDA AMAZING. I didn't realize how much I missed it!! I was never big on coloring because I never really found my medium, but it seems my medium is "mixed," involving colored pencils and markers! I LOVE YOU PRISMACOLOR MARKERS <3<3 Maybe sometime I'll get to scanning a few of the things I've colored and show them off here for y'all to enjoy! Would anyone be interested?? Doesn't matter 'cause I'm gonna do it anyway! :D

And gay huise, it's my birthday on Saturday. I'm gonna be 23. I'M SCARED ;A;
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Oooohhh kay, so, one of the biggest/most popular developers on IMVU just commissioned me to draw this lovely Second Life girl-creature here and at first offered a significant amount that I refused due to it being way too much for what I have to offer, far as I know, I'm the only one she's actually commissioned so far, and I'm really flattered 8D

Er. For you non-IMVU-nerds out there, it's kinda like...say, you're working in a fashion company, and suddenly the designer you work for wants you to design an outfit for their personal use.

But the reason I'm posting it, outside of my silly glee, is that she wants something digital as the final product, and I'm such a n00b at using my tablet that I'm unsure I can deliver top-notch stuff. The most serious digital pic I've ever done was bunny!Matt and puppy!Matt and, well...that's not exactly commission-quality, I don't think.

So! You artsy peoples out there, any tips? I plan on drawing it in pencil first and then digitally inking it, which I think is the way to go. Tell me if I'm wrong~

Something a little different from the songs I usually post. This is more pop-like, but I really like it. Luka is a great Vocaloid for this sort of more mature sound.
Oh, what the hell, YouTube. How did that video violate terms of service?! It was an original song with an original video--!!
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Stupid entry to ask one thing:
Who would support me in attempting to animate Misa, Takada, and Naomi dancing as Beyoncé (=Misa) and two backup dancers in this?

(Ignore the shit quality, all the hq versions had embedding disabled. Here's a better version.)

Not the whole thing of course, I don't want to see it THAT bad...but I WANT TO SEE IT.
And which part would be best anyway? I'm looking for a decent segment not too much longer than 30 seconds, because animating is a pain in the ass and I'm too lazy to make it much longer than that, rofl.
Not to mention, what software do I need?! Dx I'd rather be lazy and trace it, then go back and add details if that's possible |D;

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Ahh, sadly, I am going out of town for four days to Florida for Christmas, and I have no idea if I'll be able to access LJ ;.; So, as a temporary-parting gift, I'm going to post two scanned doujinshi for my flist in a second ^^ (I REALLY wish I had a scanner at home, because I totally have a Mello/Near comedy in which Mello dresses like sextastic!Santa and HOW PERFECT WOULD THAT BE. DAMN.)
EDIT: Here are the doujinshi for you guys! I'll be posting them publicly when I get home~♥
"Pray" by Dosakusa Violence--Matt/Mello; comedy (highly recommended btw)
"Get set. Go!" by Brick House, Wammy's kids, L, first L; comedy

Also, the Christmas Stuff Post is now closed, I ordered the stickers and I guess they'll be here when I get back to send out. They're going to be "Ring In the New Year with Death Note" stickers as opposed to Christmas, I guess e-e; Geez guys, I was really expecting a lot more responses than I got ;3; *pouts* But hey! That means everyone is getting two characters! Hooray :D! And, uh, EVERYONE asked for Mello XD! omg I knew I was friends with you guys for a reason :'3

As an early present to everyone on my flist, I'm showing you guys the unfixed, crappily-scanned version of something I drew for [ profile] necromunchy in exchange for a hueg list of Matt-sites on deviantART. She wanted Matt in panties. WTF, why is this always what people ask me to draw? XD; I'm working on all the other Matts I promised people too, I promise :3 Until then, this is a sample of the way I draw Matt when I actually take my time instead of doodling:
So, all you peoples to whom I owe a Matt: he's gonna look basically like that, but in your respective situations~[ profile] stfuemoxx, yours is obviously going to be younger ;3
I also drew Crumello DeKeehl really quick, rofl. )

esdolirfjwe;posdif WILD CUTIE FINALLY CAME IN THE MAIL @_______@;;;
Girl!Mello is adorable but omg the sex scenes are es;dkxrjf;wesidlkufj because I'm just NOT used to boobs/vag being there, let alone on Mello.
AND WEIRD ART IS WWEEEIIIRRRDDD. There are about five or six artists in the book, and some of them really make me wonder wtf is up ._. There's one I don't think I'd even want to scan because it's just...really not well-done at all xD;; Yet there's this one who's AMAZING, and she only drew one page! ;___; My favorite is the first, though the art took some getting used to, because it shows what Matt and Mello's relationship would be like had Mello always been a girl. Mello is a stripper (of course, lol) and they do stuff in Mello's car; something about the look/feel of it reminds me of a movie I saw once and I can't figure out what, maybe it's because it takes place in an American-looking desert area, like Texas or California, hm..
But the majority is Machi, and it seems they've gotten better at drawing very quickly somehow. Their story is basically like Erotica, where Mello suddenly wakes up as a girl, but with more of how it affects him and Matt and more sex e_e It's so cute though, because the hormones start getting to him at one point and he cries involuntarily because Matt said something about rape *can't read the kanji around that word* lmao, Mello gets really bothered because his boobs bounce when they're doing stuff, and he doesn't know how to use the toilet right as a girl and sits on it backward ;w; <3 OMG and Matt turns into a girl too at one point XD I LOL'd so hard, he has big boobs and is all kinds of excited to have sex, and he's all "c'mon Mello~I'm reeeadddy~♥" and Mello says "I'm GAY boy" then turns around and walks out X3;; Poor Maaatt~*hugs...her?*
I want to scan it really bad xD; But esdifkjcv it's the only straight hentai anything I have AT ALL and I keep looking at it to make sure that yes, THAT IS MELLO, just female. I honestly think that if it weren't Mello I'd be disgusted by it. Wah, but why are his boobs so perfect, too...? o__o'


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