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So, to all you--"you" not here meaning people on my friendslist, as I cannot allow myself to think that any of you fantastic human beings would support such a staggeringly hateful prospect--to all you who voted for California's Proposition 8, Florida's Amendment 2, or any other anti-gay-rights movements...
here's some shit to think about.

irl entries to resume momentarily.
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Okayyy, so. I went to Florida for Christmas, and it was pretty cool. The hotel room was a suite, so the bedroom part was separate from the living-room part, and there was a balcony overlooking the ocean~ I fell asleep listening to the waves every night, which would have been really great had I not been sleeping on the COUCH. >_<

But okay, it was a nice room and Jake's family were really wacky. They're all modern-day rich hippies who drink lots of wine and eat at fancy restaurants all the time and only eat organic food, rofl. Jake's niece was really cool, and has been to Japan too so we got to talk about that~ Her mom was crazy and super-happy all the time, and kept telling me to eat well, haha. Her dad was sort of flirty though, and I was a little uncomfortable around him >> I got a big bar of dark chocolate and some other little things from them, and they took us out to eat almost every night. (I am now in love with duck meat thanks to that, dammit.) I embarrassed myself by spilling raspberry iced tea all over Jake's sister-in-law's new beaded poncho-thing she got from Sweden X_x *is super-clumsy* I have also decided that I WILL cosplay Matt at some point, because I found his goggles almost exactly at a rest stop. (How do these cosplay-items just keep falling into my lap? What's next, Matt's vest at a thrift store?) I spent a long time sitting on the beach one day reading Tramps Like Us and I just realized I might've looked like a female Matt, since I was wearing a black-and-white-striped shirt, gloves (because it was cold) and the goggles (because it was too bright) lol xD; I'll take pictures of them as soon as I feel like it again 8] Altogether I had a good time being away for a while, but now I have a TON of internet-things to catch up on. I'm glad I'm home to my dear laptop T.T
EDIT: Took a picture of me wearing the goggles (and, coincidentally, a striped shirt. I seem to have quite a bit of these.)
The lenses are orange, but also mirrored, so it's hard to tell, but I ♥ them.
lol, my hair is crap, so I tucked it into a hat >.>

My friend Jennifer turned 21 yesterday~! She's not planning on drinking or anything though, and honestly I'm glad to hear that because she can be REALLY hyper and weird, and she doesn't need alcohol adding to that, lmao. HER CAKE WAS EPIC. She wanted something themed Mello and Mikami (?! crack pairing of the year, holy shit.) So she got the people to write "sakujoo" around the border (very badly I might add) and put a chocolate bar on the cake itself. (It was supposed to LOOK like a huge chocolate bar, but apparently they did it wrong?) She also made use of the fingerpuppets I gave her, wahaha.

Mello's standing directly above the chocolate bar, and L is pressing his face against the lid trying to get to the cake, rofl ♥
Epic cake at a different (better) angle
Also, Mello has gone insane from how happy he is at finding such a large chocolate bar. He took a large bite of it and left a fingerprint, lol.

Plus! Random picspam because I feel like it!
Random photos of things about the house and me being a dork (with Mello-sunglasses?) )

Errr, I suppose I'll type up what all I got for Christmas too, because I'm trying desperately to avoid cleaning my room >->
Apparently this is the Christmas of awesome? )

ooww, I just cut my thumb ;-; Someone make it feel betteerrrr T-T


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