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You guys, I want stuff.
Like, expensive stuff, and pretty bad.

This happens every six to eight months or so: I'll buy (or try to buy) a ton of stuff in a short period of time and have a hard time making myself stop. It's never anything I don't want and often stuff I've wanted for a long time, so I wouldn't consider it a compulsion, but it sometimes is really frustrating when trying to balance necessities with wants. It's almost like a ton of things I want come along all at once on purpose. On-sale plaid skirts for instance. I mean, on the one hand, I know that if I waited, I wouldn't be able to get half the things I buy ever again if I don't get them right then (such as things from [ profile] vk_sales) so I shouldn't feel bad for snatching them up. But on the other hand, it depletes my funds for other, more expensive things like this fucking gorgeous Dollmore BJD I will never be able to own. (My dream doll is Evgeneia, who's been sold out since I discovered his existence, but Thinking Kara is in stock and BEAUTIFUL, damnit.) I don't usually like dolls with half-closed eyes, but they work really well on him! Usually the dolls I like from Dollmore are limited-edition and it suuuccckksss, but I can't help it. Haneol and Kyle are like the most beautiful face sculpts ever, aarrrrggh.

Oh, I got off on a tangent there. But, you know, [ profile] daily_doll isn't really helping my spending issues, orz. All I want to do is buy clothes for my one poseable doll, Audrina (cute 9-inch doll clothes are really hard to find fyi) and stare with absurd want at all the lovely bjds people post. It's gotten to the point where I'm just about willing to take out a low-limit credit card just to buy a damn doll. I worry myself. Especially since this isn't an issue only with dolls, which would be pretty easy to get over what with not owning one and them costing $600 or so, but it's mostly with clothes and manga (Your & My Secret and Otomen are super-addicting) so I see stuff I want ALL OVER THE PLACE. Since I've procured pretty much all I want from King St. and Barnes & Noble, I think it might start getting better. I hope. But I still have a pair of Double Decker boots and h.NAOTO legwarmers from [ profile] vk_sales to pay for, and less than $200 in my bank account.

--must not transfer savings account funds must not transfer savings account funds must not transfer savings account funds--

Geez. I shouldn't be so focused on material possessions and more focused on seriously studying for Japanese, because I am not retaining much of anything I learn and that's a problem. It's the ONLY class I can foresee using in the future, and yet I rarely go over anything. That needs to change. Any study-tips, flist? Keep in mind that I have a constant ringing in my ears now for some reason and thus require white noise.
And now I have the hiccups. JOY.

EDIT: It was a mistake to join the [ profile] steamfashion comm right now because it linked to this site and therefore THIS FANTASTIC PIECE OF CLOTHING THAT I WANT VERY VERY BADLY *SOB*
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Will someone tell me what's the best way to memorize, as I earlier said on Zeda's journal, "a bunch of poo about televisions" before eight tomorrow morning and still get some sleep? I am DYING for a nap, and just put a Lost energy drink in the fridge for later use, but that won't kick in for a loooong time and I need to stay up until it does. HOWEVER my Mass Media teacher decided to have two tests in two weeks, and that class is damned hard to study for and I can't motivate myself with my mom watching E.R. behind me. I have a very particular way I have to study, with background noise at just the right volume where I can hear+understand it without paying attention to it and no one else in the room, and it has to be downstairs for some reason, otherwise nothing clicks. At all. I even have a designated playlist for "study songs."
ARGH I WAS SO LOOKING FORWARD TO DRAWING AND EATING PIZZA TONIGHT WITH NO OBLIGATIONS TT___TT I almost want to skip class and say "oho, I was out of town, you see!" but I don't know if my teacher would really let me...he seems laid-back, but at the same time I don't want to risk a zero.


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