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So I had to get my laptop wiped again because it was being stupid. No viruses this time.

It was all fine and dandy until I realized I forgot to save ALL OF MY BOOKMARKS.


Does anyone recall the name of the video-ripping site that let you rip in HD and WASN'T full of spyware and BS?!?! It even had a browser toolbar option quickie--! ;_______;
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Emma is a saint/my hero.

That is all~
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/title from Bizarre Foods
It occurs to me that this journal here would probably actually prosper if I were to join Twitter and have things posted via that LoudTwitter dealie.

But I can't decide which is the lesser of two evils: either this journal being rarely updated as it is, or it being spammed to death with my stupid whims and random thoughts that occur to me that aren't really worth being posted, but that I feel I have to share anyway.

Examples of such beauts are as follows (without adhering to the character limit.)

"My mom replaced all our soap bars in the house with liquid soap. I have no idea why."
"A glass of warm milk and a toasted cheese sandwich is surely the remedy for my current caffeine-induced insomnia."
"Re: Firefox--to update or not to update? I don't like the new look but I'm sick of malware."
"I suddenly want to post a lot about dolls. This is a new thing for me."
"Leonidas wants to go out. It's almost 3 AM. What the hell's out there for him at this hour?!"
"My mouth tastes weird. It is clean. I don't understand."

I don't think I'm well-suited to being a Twit. However, is the slim chance that decent things will slip in worth risking all the dumb? I doubt I'll join, but that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it.

Ugh. School in the morning. Do not want.

DJ Hero is apparently catering to my tastes. Techno+neon+Queen+rave=win.
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/quote from Kim Possible on the telly behind me

I'm going back to school starting 8 in the morning today. What can I say? I am not thrilled. I'm looking forward to photojournalism, but all else is promising to be all-consuming. My Japanese is entirely rusty, and 201 is supposedly the hardest section to complete, so I have to whip myself into shape right quick or else be lost in the course. I haven't used anything past basic math since my freshman year, so algebra will be hellish. Not to mention, my damn school just can't give me a smooth transition from break to semester for ANYTHING, so instead of acknowledging the fact that I've been signed up for history class since the beginning of summer, they just now kick me out of my classes for nonpayment. I managed to get most of it cleared up--apparently my Fafsa wasn't turned in--EXCEPT for history, and all the classes are closed except ones I can't take due to lack of prerequisites. So I'm going in the morning to three classes as opposed to four, meaning I have like...four hours of free time in between taking classes.

...and now that I look to see what my exact schedule is, I can't access the stupid website because it closes at 11, which is the dumbest fuckin thing I've ever heard for a WEBSITE to do, and doesn't open again until my first class starts. So I'm going in with no idea where I have to be. Fan-fucking tastic.

I'm in a bad mood.

It's been a year today since I last saw Amy.
I want her back. So, so bad. I can't even express it. I know it seems dumb to a lot of people to go on about pets the way most people go on about people, but...I really, really loved that dog. This year has been really stupid and empty without her, even though we have a dew dog, Dori, who is precious and I think is the only dog my mom could've brought home without me hating her for it. I can't think about this. I'm crying already because I'm stupid and nostalgic like that, and I'm so damn tired of this school making me regret not going to my first college pick instead, and I have no sweet creature to comfort me like Amy did. Artemis (one of my cats) does seem to follow me around a lot nowadays and always comes up to me if I cry, and I love him for it, but that doesn't change that I lost someone really close to me and can never get her back.

It's my mom's birthday today. I haven't been able to get her anything. I feel like a douchebag.

I'm tired of not knowing what I want to do. In life, I mean. the career world, I mean. I'm technically a senior in college with no major and no credits towards any sort of major at all. I've managed to pick classes so bloody all over-the-place that they have nothing to do with each other and therefore I have nothing that even points to anything specific I could work towards. How I managed that is really kind of impressive in a dumb way. I think after this semester I'm going to be forced to pick something...but there's just...nothing that interests me enough. I'm still clinging to the idea that something exciting is going to happen to me, I guess. I should really get over that.



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