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OKAY SO. I haven't updated in forever because I was sort of miserable. Not like a lot of people around me, but really more preoccupied with my own thoughts than anything. My boss SCREAMED at me over the phone a few weeks ago over a supposed missing $20, even though we don't count inventory and it's really easy to write down the wrong thing, and since through his hissy fit he pretty much accused me of stealing, I decided it's about damn time to quit the stupid Market. Anything would be better than dealing with tourists every day and having to drag myself down there and set everything up at nine in the morning and IMMMEDIATELY be expected to be ready for an onslaught of questions and invasions of personal space. So I decided, this summer, I'm going to get another job to supplement working the weekends at the Market (because, not gonna lie, the money ain't bad at all) and hopefully build up a little nest egg. Of course, jobs aren't easy to snatch, so I set out today looking all spiffy and clean after buying a bunch of foundation and coverup, and walked down King Street to see who's hiring.

I was heading for Sushi Hiro, a tiny Japanese place that's been there forever, because I saw a Help Wanted sign in the window a few days ago. I've known the owner, Hide-san, for years, since before he even owned the place. I once frequented his food cart he parked in North Charleston and man it was gooood. So I thought working for him might not be bad. And I'd get to practice my Japanese! On the way down there though, I checked out other places. A lot of retail stores need summer help, so I noted especially Bijuju (a jewelry place) and Robot Candy Co., which is this neato quirky candy store with a pseudo-Japanese aesthetic. But guess what? I didn't even need to look in all those places.

I walked into Sushi Hiro, inquired about the job, and Hide-san looked at the manager from behind his sushi bar and said "Oh, she's hired. I know her. Well? Hire her!" I didn't even need to fill out the entire application. He even said it'd make it easier for him since I know some Japanese.

Holy crap guys. I did not think it'd be that smooth. Life really is all about who you know, isn't it? Why the hell am I in school again? So I'm starting training Thursday at 5:30 (omg I can sleep in omg) and hoping I can figure out transportation afterward--I'm not sure when they close. I told him I couldn't start seriously until after exams. I really hope it's not awful. I know the people who work there are always happy and Hide-san is really nice, and it's not like I could get really overwhelmed with customers since only 30 or less can fit in the place all at once, but I'm nervous about disappointing Hide-san or not getting the rest I need, you know? But eh, I'll do my best!!

Then, after strolling down King Street in a sort of daze, I was stopped by a guy who said I looked "artsy" and handed me a thick book. Turned out he was a monk spreading the message of Transcendentalism and meditation. I've always wanted to know more about Transcendentalism after reading Thoreau and could use some peaceful guidance this summer with two jobs, so damn that's convenient, isn't it? What a weirdly nice day.

Oh, and because I'm damn proud of myself: last night at 2 am, I discovered that I had a 3-4 page paper due by 8, the teacher does not accept late papers and it's 10% of my grade at that. So I was like "well fuck." Had to be on a communication theory not covered in class (not many weren't, teach did a fine job skirting everything the way an Intro class should.) BUT I found one finally--Uses and Gratifications--and went to work. Even though she only asked for one, I found FIVE sources, and actually found that I agreed with it. I think I've found my paper-writing technique. Every hour and a half or so or when my attention starts to wane, rest my eyes for 15 minutes tops, then get back to it. I was done writing it by 6:30. That might not be too impressive to some people, I guess, but considering I had no idea what I was writing about or that it was due and one source had to be a scholarly article? I think I kicked that paper's ass.

Whoaho, I am Rambly McGee today. Not sure if I'm gonna LJ cut this. I kinda feel like suddenly assaulting your flist after not saying a damn thing for months. Buuut if someone complains, I'll do it. Otherwise, deal with it.
Wooooooooooo, Dean out!

lol can you tell I'm not taking my Ritalin? lolol orz

P.S. I think I've found my new favorite eBay store.


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